Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dodi and Diana

Speaking of tracking devices, here's a thought. At the dealerships, to sell this invasion of privacy, they tell you that it is for "in case your car gets stolen." Once you drive off the lot, they don't care about your car. That's why you have insurance. You'll wreck it before it's stolen. A tracker is for tracking you.

If they want, they can listen to your cockpit. And you thought that "roadside assistance button" was just for the concierge or in case your wife has a flat? Dude, it's a built-in cell phone that works through your stereo speakers. It's like having an intercom between you and the network that pilots your car's computer. It is like talking on a speaker phone with stereo-quality sound. According to an employee from BMW's Assist Safety Plan, "We can hear a whisper on the back seat."

I phoned my car's "Roadside Assistance Button" people and one of them told me that the microphone was "near, in or behind" the rear-view mirror. Another one from the same company said that it was in the visor panel above the mirror. I called several dealerships across the country asking the same question. Each one told me a different story about the same car. One guy said the microphone was located within the bulky plastic housing of the rear-view mirror. A woman at another dealership told me that it was at the top of my steering wheel. Another dealer told me that it was behind plastic slits on either side of the mirror. They couldn't all be right.

So I went out to the car and investigated. To the left of the lighting panel, just above the mirror, I found a 2-inch by 1/2-inch rectangle of plastic slits. Not ideal for gathering ambient sound. An air vent for interior lighting seems more plausible.

There is a small, inconspicuous microphone on top of the steering column, just behind the wheel. It's right in your face, but you wouldn't see it unless you were looking for it. This is the microphone that works with Bluetooth. And perhaps also with their intercom button. But who can know for sure? Since they have discreetly placed a cell phone unit inside the dashboard and a GPS tracking unit with an antenna somewhere in the car. Nowhere in any of the manuals is this GPS tracking unit listed or discussed. You cannot locate it in your car. Just like the hidden cell phone. Does that define clandestine?

There are ten different manuals in the manual case. Why not just put it all in one book and list things in an alphabetical index? Isn't that the path of sanity? A house divided cannot stand. Perhaps that is why the manual is divided into ten parts. Imagine wrestling with all those on a road-trip.

Do we have an invisible passenger, listening quietly as we drive our cars? The technology to turn your car into high-ball audio surveillance is available to those with license (DHS, FBI, DIA, NSA, CIA, et alii). According to McGraw-Hill's Homeland Security Handbook, they have free rein to look up our skirt any time. Is roadside assistance like OnStar and BMW Assist just a pretext to spy on people?

Porsche makes the swankest roadster in the world. Their customers, from what I just learned, do not relish a Big Brother intercom in their cars. So Porsche doesn't give them one. Instead they give their customers a toll-free number to call that offers the same list of comforts, conveniences and help during an emergency. Fair enough. Anybody willing to pay that kind of money deserves their privacy -- is one way to look at it. Another is how most of the people who deem it is time to spy on us are probably driving a Porsche.

There's no peace of mind knowing that you can be bugged any time at the click of a mouse. I learned from my investigation that BMW Assist Safety folks can open a call and keep it open for as long as they want. The owner of the car is powerless to end the call. There is no way you can "hang up" a cell phone that lives inside your dashboard. The call is both initiated and terminated by some one sitting at a computer in a secret place. You have zero control over how it works. All you can do is "request" something and hope that a secret listener responds.

According to yet another car dealer, there is a fin inside my trunk that communicates with satellites. Which brings me to how a global positioning system is double-edged. It slices both ways, helping you navigate and keeping your government apprised of your travels at the same time. The "anti-theft" tracking device keeps you on the radar whether you have a navigational GPS or not.

Testing the system, I learned that the "specialists" who talk out of your stereo speakers seem to get nervous when you quiz them about how the technology works. I called their mother-ship with questions earlier. Once my focus became apparent, they hung up the phone. They have been schooled on what to tell people -- and what not to tell people.

If you lock your keys in the car, you can phone them and they will unlock it for you via this conduit. They can tell your car to unlock its doors, decelerate and run engine diagnostics from a computer mouse. What else can they tell it to do?

This casts Dodi and Diana's last ride in a new light. Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed the wheel jerking in my grip. It felt like somebody else was trying to steer my car with me at the wheel. Like they were testing a system to see if it worked. That is what it felt like. And is the express thought that occurred to me when it happened. I have not experienced this phenomena in any craft (sea, air or land). So it gave me pause.

I miss seeing a princess on the cover of grocery store magazines that now inundate us with lesser blondes. Making things look like an accident or suicide is less complicated than car bombs, I suppose. But car bombs support the "hate Muslims" campaign better. One gets to blame it on the Al Qaeda -- whoever they are. Has anybody ever seen those guys?

Keep in mind that technology considered novel to us has been in some one's belfry for decades. Things that we now use, may have been in use long before we were granted access. That seems to be the course of things. Also, much available on the Internet that you thought was put there for your convenience, I wager was put there for the convenience of those who put tracking devices in our cars -- and would like to put them in our bodies. They sure tracked Princess Diana and tapped into her phone calls. The same stuff they did to John Kennedy before they picked him off like a prize buck.

Privacy is gone. The white pages list every body's name, age, house-mates, and address complete with a road-map to your door. They will link you to other search engines that list every place you've ever lived. You can write some body's address in the Google search window and they will take you to their front door in a 360-degree surveyor's vista. You can even zoom in and take a closer look.

The only people exempt from this intrusion are Secret Service and other government agents. Why do you suppose that is? And why does Google send surveyors to your front door to take pictures of your house? Surveyors are in big demand right now, making the big money to map every dirt road in the woods. Why are dirt roads important now when they have never been important before?

Seems to me that somebody is interested in other people's property. Bless her heart, Princess Diana was treated like property. The last thing the Wizard wanted was to see her marry a Muslim chap -- unifying Islam and Christendom in great public celebration. Couldn't let that happen. It would make Muslims seem less like terrorists and more like prince charmings.

I realise that a car, plane or rocket can be remotely operated. Anything mechanical lends itself to remote control. There are worse ways to go than slamming into a stanchion at 100 mph. Ask the folks in Port-au-Prince. Unlike the glib and friendly lies on last night's Predicament of the Union Address, death is a guarantee we can all count on. Who wants to die of influenza and earthquakes? There are people in Haiti right now who envy Diana.

The web site below is the goods. Do not be dissuaded by their computer screen text span. That's only a ploy to tire your eyes and frustrate your mind. They hope you'll stop reading and go away. We live in an era of the psy-op. Ignore the psy-op and copy/paste what you want. The text is not for Joe Citizen. The site is designed for their corporate customers. Just print what you want to read. Then kick back and digest the facts along with your tea and biscuits. If you are curious about how your hidden GPS-tracker works, here's the tech.