Monday, January 25, 2010


On a steady diet of world news, one sees a trend. History repeats itself. The BBC video below supports the premise.

For decades apparently, the black-ops inner sanctum of our government has been playing parlour games with people's lives. Recruiting eager wanna-be's for their nefarious dealings. Are they grooming young men to be terrorists?

Based on the real news, I believe that false-flag terrorism keeps a fresh supply of corpses coming home to their mothers. And the "puppet-puerile" in the White House keeps signing whatever they put in front of him. He's too caught up in how fancy it feels to be president. Thinking for himself and navigating by a moral compass seems to be over his head presently. We all know what manning the helm got John Kennedy.

Whenever CIA/MI6/RAW/et alii and their Israeli head-lice call something "an operation," it often has to do with killing. So take for example, P. C. Roberts' column in this week's paper. He drew a similitude between the Christmas crotch-bomber and Operation Gladio. Makes perfect sense to me.

Any so-called "suicide bomber" or other act of terrorism over the last decade has not been convincing. There is a distinct pattern to it. The way it gets reported in the news. What Wiki-coverYour*ss-pedia writes about it (CIA's damage-control/propaganda writers?). The targets. The 2+2=4 effect. The motive. The beneficiaries. All you have to do is think about it as if one of the children they gunned down in Belgium was yours. Then your mind will start crunching the algorithms.

Men who make a life out of thug-work for the government have to think that what they are doing is at least prestigious. Certainly they cannot find it right or good. One can observe ego-feeding killers go from larval stages to full-blown Uzi's with the wind of regime giving lift to predator wings.

First they create the monster by telling him that he is the fastest, meanest, most ruthless, death-proof killing machine survivalist extraordinaire, superlative superlative superlative... and that's why women will want him yadda yadda yickida kaschtuppa. Then they fan his flames until he either outlives his efficacy or eats a bullet (whichever comes first). The steering-committee shrinks who write the manuals are pointedly focused. They seem to love their work with a freak-fetish. And know which people to recruit. Vain, unscrupulous, just enough adipose for cold water drops.

Their spines are starched and heads get swollen beyond the capacity to think that they may just be expendable dupes. Pawns. Business-ends for the bad guys. Like many "valiant warriors and warfighters." Pit bulls. Game cocks. Except these are told that they are special. They give them snazzy things to wear and weapons to brandish. Make them feel sanctified. Ego-magnification, like fear, is also a psy-op.

The psychology they must use on these guys conditions them to fight and kill much like a bull terrier. They get pitted against an assigned enemy or told to kill someone who is marked for death. Then they just go and do it. Like the guy in a slaughterhouse who nonchalantly kills young race horses all day. His job is to kill them, not ask questions about why somebody wants to kill a perfectly-good horse. That defines a hack. Jack.

They probably get told how classified everything is and are made to sign their lives away over tomes of fine print. This would lend credence to why information is compartmented and strictly guarded. These guys are blinder'ed. It must be tunnel vision. They are probably kept in partial darkness about what they are doing at all times. Because if they got the big picture they might see how wrong it is and bite the hand that feeds them. Or something. Like the trained tiger who one day decides he no longer wants to jump through burning hoops. Takes a swipe at the whip-guy. And bites his face off.

Esprit de corps carries the rest. There is always a more seasoned hatchet in the team whom they seek to emulate. Like a star quarterback inspires adolescent hero-worship. He makes them feel elite. Peer pressure and the monkey-see-monkey-do principle are useful factors. This works particularly well with young men who have never been exposed to the rigors of post-secondary education. Independent thought is less likely to afflict them.

It follows that once they get a taste of blood, they are in the game for life. Their shrink handlers and instructors have mental conditioning tactics that are undergone with great pride. This screening process determines whether or not their characters can bear the spiritual filth of their jobs.

Once they get into this carnage, they must needs become desensitized and psychologically tainted by it. It appears they seek the camaraderie of others of their kind in work and play. That's their only comfort zone. This explains why many of their ilk resign themselves to a life of such work. Each man is ensanguined from the slaughterhouse. Isn't it funny how they call it an abattoir? It's like triage. They use French when they don't want you to know something. It will take more than French to wash blood from their hands. What kind of man makes such work his life? Go ask the Blackwater/Xe guys.

Everybody dies -- eventually. But gunning-down little kids and their mothers in supermarkets is beyond the pale. Any man who does that for a living can expect no seat in Valhalla.

Whoever did these atrocities are in the cold-blooded murder business. Those killings in Belgium were frame jobs to stir up fear and loathing against neo-nazi and other politically-incorrect groups. False flag operations are just herd-sway maneuvers. In a cattle drive, cowboys use fear to turn the herd right or left.

This went on for years in Europe spanning decades. In 1984, according to the French language BBC documentary, they strangled and shot a young Brussels couple after being told by their handlers that the pair were KGB agents. That's bogus. As if our government hasn't been in bed with the Bolsheviks since day-one. Bitch please. Many of them are Bolsheviks.

Given all this heinous dirt, one finds the missing puzzle pieces to many convenient suicides that happened over the years. You know the ones. Those perfect, dreamy, happy, successful, recently-promoted, well-adjusted guys who decide to roll out of bed one morning and shoot themselves.

Here's what you do. Ask yourself, "if I was the dead guy, what would my motive have been for killing myself?" If it takes you longer than five minutes to come up with a reason -- there probably wasn't one.

There is motive for terrorizing Pakistan and Afghanistan. The war-whores' job right now is to be convincing terrorists so your sons, brothers and husbands will have something to fight about. This mercenary scum appears to be working for the CIA and their NATO partners-in-crime. They shame this country. They shame our military. They are an abomination. A fast-growing malignancy, burning tax-calories like the Fire-FORRESTAL.

I believe that some of them infiltrate churches and mosques, claiming to be converts. And that some slither into secret lodges, groups, societies and clubs. I believe they were behind many seemingly random acts of domestic terrorism also. As Operation Gladio suggests, this has been going on for decades.

Some of these happened in your own back yard. You know -- close to home. (Enter Homeland Security)

Have you so soon forgotten the rash of killings that did not seem to have any motive or rationale? Similar were they to what happened in Belgium's 1985 grocery stores and Italy's Bologna Station. Similar to last year's Taj-Mumbai massacre and the Illinois preacher shooting . Pastor Fred Winters was killed at his pulpit with Bible-in-hand. Oh how they loved reporting on that one about how the Bible went up in confetti and the church people were "screaming and praying."

They call them "gunmen," these random shooters. Gunmen who decide to walk into a Virginia Tech. classroom and open fire. They reported that he killed himself, but I have seen no proof of that. Have you?

Gunmen who go into a North Carolina nursing home, of all places, and start killing people. Pinelake Health and Rehabilitation Center's Director Bernard Bryant sure is nervous about it. He had nothing to say to this writer. Some rehabilitation those folks got. On 29 March 2009, Robert Stewart fired a shot, and then another...

You ain't just whistlin' Dixie brother. Terry J. Sedlacek's fast-talking lawyer told me recently that Sedlacek has been found mentally unfit to stand trial. Well okay. What did you expect them to say?

In August of last year a man fired shots into a fitness center, killing three women and then himself. Anybody seen his toe-tag? Can I get the number off that. Sure is a lot of convenient suicide going on. And of course, like the Columbine boys, Mr. George Sodini was sure to spill his guts on a web page before going on his murder spree. How convenient for the news-hounds.

Carrying on with the Virginia Tech fear virus, in August 2009, they found a couple of dead "Godly young people" in the Richmond woods. Both VA Tech. students had been shot in "random acts of violence," the Associated Press wrote.

In March 2009 another "gunman" loosed a spray of bullets and killed-off ten Alabama people before conveniently shooting himself (is there a pattern developing here?). Along the way he burned his mother's house down. Several of the victims where his kinsmen. How convenient.

August 2009 must have been a busy month for the black-ops gang. In Kuwait, it is my belief that faux-terrorists set a wedding tent ablaze, killing 35 women and six children. They have separate wedding tents for the men. Naturally they would target the children. Their Israeli buddies sure use them for target practice. It would seem that in a fire that burns that fast and hot (three minute inferno), they may have used an oxidized bomb.

These nameless operatives must be assassins, arsonists, poisoners and cut-throats, nuclear physicists, engineers, chemists, NBCRE pilots, doctors (who inject more than vaccine?), and mercenaries trained by special forces to do exactly what they are doing -- apparently with 100% collusion, support and funding from their government gravy trains.

So Mothers, don't let your sons grow up to be these guys. Ask yourself, "who stands to benefit from such acts of terrorism?"

The Department of Homeland Security is booming, expanding like a shockwave, absorbing hoards of heretofore thumb-twiddling intelligence wieners who now have big, important jobs. Might they have something to gain? The counterfeit State of Israel, what about them? And what about the U.N.'s burgeoning global police tentacles? Should we throw in any garden-variety Johnny Law and airport body-fondler who plays along? Food for thought.

In the mean time you're being terrorized on your so-called homeland while they fry your giblets every time you get on a plane. For that kind of air fare, is all the humiliation and radiation worth it? The one time you're a sitting duck is at the airport. Just pretend that airplanes haven't been invented yet and drive. Better yet, walk. But strap your pistol on first. If those nursing home victims had pistols on their bedstands, Mr. random-shooter would not have gone near them. When a "terrorist" has to look down the barrel of a gun, it changes his perspective. Guaranteed. Keep 'um loaded.

As for all those guys that were supposed to have shot themselves after killing a bunch of people -- that could be as true as the CNN story on 9/11. A nearby "operative" could have shot the "gunman" after the "gunman" had killed a desired amount of people. Or the gunman's death could have been staged easily enough. Where's the footage? Where were the surveillance cameras that day?

There are so many ways to kill a man without leaving a trace. Long-range rifles, pathogens via aerosol and injection, airborne poisons, radioactive dust and tea (ask Alexander Litvinenko how polonium-210 tasted), silencers and nondescript bullets, glass-cutters, explosives galore, piano wire, set your house on fire... You get the idea. The government offers courses where such things are taught according to several YouTube documentaries in the genre of this one: